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未知的場域 Unknown Site
2018“National Art Exhibition-New Media Art Category", Silver Medal, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
​Taiwan, Taichung


Video , Soil, Plants, Dead, Leaves, Object

300(W) x 300(H) x300(D) cm,
Dimensions variable 尺寸依場地而定





As a human but looking down from a God’s eye view, zooming in. It shows the bodies exist and rest at different locations as if they’re situate themselves at a peaceful location, but in fact, it shows a conflict memories of unsoundness and uncertainty between the gap in the locale and area. Through the image within the installation, image can leap out the virtual world, conveying the possibility of a strong sense of implication to the viewers. Participate a real locale with the body of oneself, while linking the environment relationship between people and locale. Further interwoven the unpredictable future and the inseverable spirit of karman.

〈Unknown Site〉 is a video art installation surround by variety of plants, dirt piles and bricks. Implying that the most primitive state of this site is the Mother Nature itself. But later through human intervention and unknown alternation, it creates a contradictory and ambiguous relationship between them. Satirize the reversion of modern concrete jungle to nature while warning the urban heat island phenomenon. Is it possible for human kind to find a balance point between the nature and modern

society within the coexist gap?


2018“National Art Exhibition-New Media Art Category", Silver Medal, National

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