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《維度蔓延Dimensional Expansion
New Taipei City,Taiwan,2022

300(W) x 300(H) x300(D)公分,尺寸依場地而定




Video images, Tree bark, Tree trunk, Iron pieces, White sand, Soil, Cast stone, Object
300(W) x 300(H) x300(D) cm, Dimensions variable

“Dimensional Expansion” explores different scenarios where natural and artificial objects grow, expand, dismantle, and disappear when the two co-exist in the same environment. With plants wilting and the process retained through the plant remains left behind, viewers are able to see the images of fragmented memory that once existed amid the growth of the plant structure.


Using installations for spatial images, the gap between natural environment and man-made settings is bridged with a space-time connection that brings together the two settings into one ecological landscape and, at the same time, opens up for developments of the two elements. In this way, both natural and the man-made environment are interwoven, forming a piece of space memory that has been forgotten in society, as well as a fragmented fable telling stories of nature.


作品影像  Video

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