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凝視死亡 Look Into Death


Arts:陳家翊Chen Chia-Yi ,魏嘉慶Wei Jia-Cing ,林昱伶Lin Yu-Ling

媒材:環氧樹酯、植栽遺體、複合媒材、壓克力、電腦 Epoxy resin, Acrylic, Plant remains, Video,Computer       

尺寸:依現場而定Mixed media installation,Dimensions variable








Creative Concept
Human have bring the parts of nature into all kinds of places, for bring all sort of vital spark into lonesome lands. Plants came from nature could not had a word, even if just some basic daylight, clean air, fresh water or soil. They could only quietly watching their own death once human absence from caring. They using their own body to draw the tracing of time.

Those plants that deceased because of not adapting secondary environment were transformed into crystal forms. We have reconstructed different states of plants from being born to facing death, using the processing of dying to reveal the space that connecting human and plants.

We have collected dead bodies of plants in human's world, and transformed them into crystal forms. Using 3D-scan technologies to visualize different life states of plants when they be transplanted to artificial environment, and rebuilding the memory from the spirits of plants by project the whole life of them.

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