Feel Your Presence in The Breeze





Tainan is a region rich of tree species and historical context. The city has witnessed the change of eras, whose legacies can still be seen in the form of building materials and tree trunks that were sectioned for different reasons or become lifeless. The wood for construction used to be trees; however, with human interventions, they can’t restore their appearances any more. The deceased trees can be transformed to another shape and continue to exist for an alternative purpose with time passing by. The artist reconstructs and integrates artificial and natural images that may indicate the flow of time from a humanizing perspective in order to restore lush and green foliage of trees.


The swaying tree shadow implies the presence of wind while carrying the weight of memories. Through an immersive approach, the artist presents the perception about space and memory as if bringing the wind indoors. The exhibition responds to the history of Jiali Sugar Refinery spotlighting its transformation, land memories, and the traces of lives while interlacing them with various local imaginations.


​蕭壠文化園區 A2館


Venue: Gallery A2, Siao-Long Cultural Park

Free Admission


依空間而變化 adapt as space

2021 ​駐村藝術家